Do you have a Funny Story?

Summit Studios plans to break new ground in 2013. We are hard at work gathering material for several new anthologies in a number of different categories. If you have a funny story that is also TRUE, we would love to hear from you.

Category One: Funny Men Write from the Great Outdoors

Men sometimes do silly things in the great outdoors. I am one of those men. This anthology is open to male writers, and will celebrate the myriad of funny experiences, crazy mishaps, and unbelievable calamities that can befall men while spending time outside. While this collection will primarily focus on the strange relationship men sometimes have with Murphy’s Law, we welcome submissions about odd outdoor rituals and any other stories that you think might be related to this theme.

Category Two: Funny Stories from Rural Canada

In many ways, Canada is still a rural nation. This book intends to both celebrate and poke fun at the funny side of outdoor living (and working), whether it be on the farm, on the water or deep in the backwoods. As the world becomes more urbanized, we can’t ever lose sight of the unique and often quirky side of our rural roots. We welcome any stories that deal with this theme - particularly about specific incidents that are both funny and unexpected. We also welcome stories that celebrate rural life in some amusing way, or profiles about colourful rural characters.

Category Three: Funny Stories about Kids

One way to guarantee laughter is to gather a group of parents in one room and get them talking about their children. Perhaps this is because of the innocent and often refreshing perspectives that children bring to our collective lives (this is how parents describe the shenanigans of their kids on a good day). Or maybe it’s because the little turkeys are so good at getting themselves into anything and everything (see: Calvin, best friend of Hobbes). Whatever the case, the phrase “Kids can say (and do) the darndest things” is a pretty good starting point for considering stories that might fit this category.

Category Four: Funny Stories for the Yuletide Season

We’ve published a few Christmas’sthemed stories over the years, mainly about funny things that have happened to people while traveling during the Yuletide season. We’re now in the process of gathering funny stories about anything to do with Christmas or the Christmas holidays. These are the types of stories we envision families reading around the tree on Christmas Eve, or kids giggling about on Christmas morning. As with previous anthologies, all stories need to be (mostly) true.

Category Five: Funny Stories about Bad Dates, Wacky Marriage Proposals and Weddings Gone Wrong

We’ve all been on a bad date. Some of us may have even been responsible for one. What we envision for this anthology is a collection of hilarious stories about the worst dates imaginable, marriage proposals that trigger your gag reflex, and weddings that just don’t pan out as they should. In the case of weddings, this is not necessarily about brides and grooms (or families) at odds with one another. It’s more about examples of Murphy ruling the Big Day in his conniving and terrible way.

Category Six: (Regional Anthologies) Funny Stories from Western Canadan

I am personally linked to each of Canada’s three western provinces. I grew up in Saskatchewan, where I spent my youth running wild and free across the Canadian prairies. I came of age in the mountains of Banff National Park and spent thirteen years living in the Calgary’s Lake Louise corridor, where I also started this publishing business. More recently, my wife and I have moved to the West Coast, where we’ve fallen in love with British Columbia’s outdoor lifestyle.

One of my near’sterm goals at Summit Studios is to publish a series of “regional” humor anthologies that captures the essence of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The story selection criteria for these will be broader-based than with previous anthologies, as the only stipulations will be that the stories have to be funny, they have to be true, and they have to capture the essence of what it means to live in one of these provinces. Stories can be about specific events, they can be about quirky personalities, or writers can make use of the essay technique to paint a picture of some funny aspect of living in one of these western provinces.

May I suggest this short list of possible themes to consider:

Funny stories about Outdoor and Rural Living
Western Canadian road trips gone wrong
Confessions of Alberta/BC/Saskatchewan Sports Fanatics
Short profiles of colourful personalities
Funny stories about growing up in one of these provinces
Quirky lifestyles from the North

For detailed submission guidelines in PDF format, click here.

Please submit stories or story outlines by e’smail or snail mail to:

3022 Washington Ave.
Victoria, BC V9A 1P6


We look forward to hearing from you!

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