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Sylvia Shawcross

Sylvia Shawcross blames her career as a writer on a wild-eyed librarian from the Fredericton Public Library, who drove a Book Mobile down a long and dusty road for fifteen miles, stopping at every farmhouse as she went. As a girl, this gave her access to plenty of books through which she developed a lifelong passion for the written word.

Shawcross now lives in Chelsea, Quebec, where she wrote a humor column for The West Quebec Post for upwards of ten years. These columns eventually became books: But Never Mind All That and The Get-Over-Yourself Self-Help Book. None other than Farley Mowat once referred to Shawcross as “that rarity of our times, an honest-to-god satirist.”

She is still trying to figure out how she ended up living in Quebec. Shawcross claims that she can speak a little Parisian French but fails miserably to understand local patois and is usually relegated to nodding politely. This of course means half the people she meets think she agrees with everything they say and why she might have had a full cord of wood inadvertently delivered the other day, with no way of explaining that it was a mistake. She now owns a full cord of wood.

Shawcross wrote the title track for the Summit Studios anthology Moose on the Loose (2012), and has a pair of yarns featured in Mob Hit on My Grandmother’s Dog (2014). Strange birds feature prominently in all three of these stories.

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