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David Jones

As a youngster, David Jones wrote a parody of “Old Mother Hubbard” that was used on air at a major Toronto radio station. That success encouraged him to write some short “Hardy Boys”-style detective mysteries that have been lost to time and he has been writing ever since. As with all scribes, he is a keen observer of the human animal and enjoys exploring the quirky side of this creature’s nature. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, his study of human foibles has had a regular outlet in his eponymous blog, Jonesin’. Another blog, Wrestling with God, appeared weekly on the now defunct Wonder Café site and enjoyed a healthy following from around the world. Some of his articles and short stories have also appeared in The Uxbridge Cosmos and in the Writer’s Community of Durham Region newsletter, Word Weaver.

Apart from writing, David has worked in executive sales and has owned several businesses. He has also been a pizza flipper, real estate broker, photo finisher, landlord, arena announcer, cat wrangler, lay preacher and hockey dad.

Never being one to overlook the benefits of putting the cart before the horse, the last few years David has been studying English Literature and Writing at Trent University. He hopes this skill-honing experience will help him to create a humorous detective mystery series featuring his alter ego, Chase Rourke.

David won a category prize for “Lazy Lake” in the 2011 Summit Studios short story contest for his ode to Cottage Country slothfulness, which can be found in the pages of Never Light a Match in the Outhouse (2014).

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