Showcasing Funny Writers
from Across Canada (and Beyond)

At Summit Studios, we take humor seriously. We also believe that behind every great story is a great storyteller, and we strive to find and publish the best up-and-coming writers and humorists in the industry today.

With the success of national bestsellers like Mugged by a Moose, A Beaver is Eating My Canoe, and Never Trust a Smiling Bear, we’ve decided to expand our focus into other categories that lend themselves to humor. Mob Hit on My Grandmother’s Dog is a comical look at stories and anecdotes related to funny animals of every kind, while Never Light a Match in the Outhouse showcases tales of mirth from Cottage Country.

Whether you’re laughing at the implausible meeting between Steve Pitt, the Queen of England and a lobster, chuckling as James Osborne demonstrates how not to shrink-wrap a cottage, or reading in disbelief as Madge Brown attempts to prevent a miffed camper from chasing after a marauding grizzly bear with her frying pan, we think you’ll agree that there’s plenty in these new books worth laughing about.

Here are three of our favorite storytellers from the pages of our two newest anthologies.

Featured Writers

Greg Simison

David Jones

Sylvia Shawcross

You can also visit our online archives for stories from previously featured writers.

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