I Sold My Gold Tooth For Gas Money
A Collection of Extraordinary Travel Stories

Edited by Matt Jackson
September 2006
ISBN 0-9734671-4-2, 220 Pages, Soft Cover
CAN $19.95

What the heck is so funny about travel?

Travelling is not for the timid of heart. What can go wrong often does, as twenty-six road warriors relate in this book. Whether it's driving across Canada or journeying to remote corners of the planet, you'll alternately laugh, cringe, giggle and feel inspired by these writers, and the often bizarre and extraordinary circumstances they find themselves in.
  • Hop freight trains and hitchhike with Lyle Underwood as he pursues a con man across Canada in the late 1940s.

  • Adopt an orphaned monkey with Sharon Fitzsimmons as she and her husband travel the length of Africa.

  • Find out what happens to Lucia Martin when she gets between a lovesick rhino and the object of his affections at the San Diego Zoo.

  • Learn from Michael Barnes why you should never travel with fresh fruit when you're flying in a helicopter.

  • Thumb a ride in a Banff parade with Kyle MacDonald on Canada Day.

  • Join aspiring outdoorsman Wayne Van Sickle on a mountaineering expedition to southern Florida.

  • Spend Christmas on a school bus when Kathy Chiasson and her family move across Canada in the middle of winter.

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