Moose on the Loose
A Collection of Extraordinary
Travel & Outdoor Stories

Edited by Matt Jackson
October 2012
ISBN 978-09866856-06,
220 Pages, Trade Paperback
CAN $19.95

Travel brings with it extraordinary moments — from the whimsical to the hilarious to the downright absurd. At Summit Studios we've celebrated many such moments in our bestselling humor series, which includes titles such as Mugged by a Moose and A Beaver is Eating My Canoe. Now in our sixth volume, twenty-six travel and outdoor writers join forces to relate more wacky tales of misadventure.

  • Join Sylvia Shawcross on a cross-Canada road trip with a giant moose head attached to the roof of her family's van.

  • Read about the chicanery of cyclist Brent Curry as he attempts to outwit a con artist posing as a devout church reverend from Kenya.

  • Save a drowning monkey with Rita Pomade and her husband, and then discover why having a monkey as a sailboat crewmember has many drawbacks.

  • Listen with mole-in-training Sterling Haynes to an unexpected conversation between airplane pilots while sitting on a runway in Houston.

  • Navigate a cross-cultural dilemma with Maureen Magee after a stranger proposes to her while working on an African film set.

  • Join B.A. Markus on the hot seat after she inadvertently sets fire to the Gulf Islands home she's agreed to house sit.

NOTE: This title is available for purchase as an eBook from most online retailers, including Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Apple, and Smashwords.

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