A Beaver is Eating My Canoe
A Collection of Extraordinary Travel and Outdoor Stories

Edited by Matt Jackson
October 2008
ISBN 978-09734671-61, 220 Pages, Trade Paperback
CAN $19.95

Paddle Faster! Something Is Following Your Canoe…

Have you ever felt like the Universe is doubled over laughing at you? Like you're the butt of some great cosmic joke? Fear not! You are not alone. In this long-awaited sequel to Mugged by a Moose, we hope you'll find a feeling of kinship with our twenty-five free-spirited wanderers as they relate some of their craziest, wackiest, funniest and most inspiring tales of travel from the far side of beyond.

  • Investigate a Vancouver Island outhouse with youth trip leader Zak Cross to figure out what's been scaring his campers away.

  • Join Brent Curry on an epic bicycle journey from Dawson City, Yukon to the Arctic Ocean-in the middle of winter.

  • Cringe as Ken Penland encounters a persnickety, one-eyed beaver that takes a liking to his classic wood-and-canvas canoe.

  • Camp with Ron Johnson on a deserted, palm-fringed island off the coast of Venezuela and learn how a long-time fantasy turns into a test of endurance.

  • Share Sarah Bonar's embarrassment as she grows up in a British Columbia ski resort town with an accident-prone father.

  • Build a cabin near Ontario's Beaver Valley with Bruce Day while attempting to outwit a savvy population of porcupines.

  • Spend a placid Christmas with Ken and Julie Seibt's family in Railay Bay, Thailand-until the devastating Tsunami of 2004 changes everything.

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